Thursday, April 24, 2014

new chapter

assalamu3likum for all who read this post . ohh i don't know from where i should start ,now im this close from join the army life for fully 30 month !!
since over than 6 months of meetings and medical checks for army the time passed real quick and here i am only one week far from joining the army  next Thursday

so 29/4/2014 is the beginning day of the new chapter in Mohamed Elmasry's book. university chapter had been shutdown by i got my bachelor in engineering,,yaay ya i'm officially an engineer el7amdulellah

at that passed chapter i met good friends,  lost friends .met my best friend for now lost my grand parents , and met my girlfriend,passed subjects , fail in others :P laughed alot ,also cried abit..actually alot too :P any way i had lots and lots of happy and sad memories and it was like a fully life in those 5 years ,which i don't regret any moment of it..

at the end this chapter is new page ,start write from the begin ,

                                                            بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
chapter 3 :the army 
i know allah will not choose any bad thing for me .he always there for me .i hope i will be good slave to him. i ve been bad in my relation to him,he give me everything and yet i do lots of sins,may he forgive me ,amin
i wish i become more useful to islam and to myself .

so Allah choose for me to be an officer ( mulazim awwal ) in the Egyptian  army for 3 years .it's good position in the army rank .get good paid salary el7mdulellah

im happy with his choice, i hope every hard thing will be easy for me yarab.
any way thats all for now..don't forget to dua for me if u read this ,remember there is an angel will say may u get the same :) ............peace yo
                                                                          السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

Saturday, March 8, 2014

move on

         yea i will able to move on from this's OK if i can't eat today or tomorrow.later i will future my heart will not hurt,my hand will not shake , tears will dry

         it's just like everything in this world must fade sooner or later,it didn't go as i wanted but it was the greatest painful lesson since i was born ,,oh god it's soooooo painful but i'm very grateful to you ,el7amdulellah for your bless and tests ..inshallah i will be better Muslim . maybe allah wanted me to hurt this much just to know the truth .thank you allah  

message to my heart

Dear heart .why u sad ? Why u seeking for the hurt? What makes you still want her back .even u know u are bleeding cuz of her??u should listened to rhe mins when it told u move on and forget her..she is not good for u . She is selfish,suspective and always make u sick .why u still watching her account. Pics .vids.'s my mistake that I made all those memories. Which is all over the places . every place you go u find her memory in this place..move on forget.  Let that love .She's not worth all this suffer and pain and sadness.she never cares about you. She always want u to care .to love to miss to be her slave..please heart .please............


salam my blog ..i don't know how to start typing this thing in my heart but i got this feel that u can't breath well ..el7mdulella ^_^ , anyway it's maybe because i get sad alot these days even i'm trying to be happy and cheerfull all the time. but there is always this sad that gets me right after any joy. i'm that type of people who easy get turn their mood to bad but need big efforts to change this mood back .maybe it's difficult for people who with me..but those who really love me can easy turn my mood..such as my sister

there are this person who keep turn me angry and doesn't even do any effort to help me be fine again.sometimes i feel they just want arround me when i'm joking and loving but when im turned mood by their action they don't even try to solve,or help just they push more till i reach to boiling ,,they even push harder,if u made it clear to them how they mistaken they come up with other topics and argue tell u loose ur patience and say bad .then it's ur guilt getting so much sick of it..maybe soon i'll get the nurve to leave them forever..i don't want that happen but it's seem no escape from it

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


salam my blog . it's been so long since the last time i post something in you :) ...maybe because i was so busy in my new life after finish my engineering college and got my bachelor al7mdulellah ^_^.. and i found a temporary job as a worker in food store hehe,,so hard job and only getting 750 pound per month but its okay al7mdulellah..later i will have better job inshallah after army hehe ..amin yarab
oh ya about my army ,,i have to go for 3 years to army huhu..may allah make them end soon and fast,amin
i will need to finish my papers  and deliver them on 22/10 and the first medical check will be in November .

hehe any way i wasn't here to talk about that........ actually i wanted to talk about something i find weird hehe..its the people who post their own feeling in public like facebook or blog or twitter or bla bla bla hehehe
actually i don't know what's the point from doing that..maybe it make them out wht on their chest and more relief.maybe they will get responses from friends tht make them pass the bad feel ,,just maybe hehehe
but for me i feel it very useless,when im sad i usually hide it or just speak to the close people to me ..angry alone ,but not post to every person close and not closed to know wht my feel is,,or to pity on me or feel sad for me ..

                                      hehe share your opinions in comment
s if wanna :P 

Friday, June 28, 2013

strange situation

years ago there was a muslim moved recently in london to be more close to his work, and he was always take the bus to his work.

after a few weeks of his move to london , while most of the time he take the same bus to work
and once he pay for the bus driver and sit on his seat he find out that the bus driver gave him extra 20 penny .

the muslim guy think a while , and he said to himself that he must give back the driver those 20 penny.then he think that its a very little money so its ok if didn't gave him back,while the bus company get huge profits won't get problems  due to that 20 penny so he say to him selfe i will keep the money to himself .

the bus stopped at the station which that muslim want to reach ,and before he get off the bus he give the bus driver the 20 penny and say u gave me more than i deserve .the bus driver took the money from the muslim and smiled to him saying ""aren't you the new muslim who moved recently to the area? i was thinking a lot to go to your mosque to know about islam , and i did that action to see what going to be your reaction" .

the muslim get off the bus and feel like his legs can't carry him from this situation ,he look to the sky dua to allah saying " ya allah i was going to sell islam with 20 penny"

sometimes we are the window that others see islam through us.
so we all must be a good example for islam ,we must be honest and always remember that allah see you all the time 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

our anniversary

hi all readers :) whts up all
today is the second anniversary of our love ,.hehe i can't express how happy i feel :'')
its been two years since i have tht pretty girl in my life hehe..time passing so fast
like today two years ago i told her i love you hehe ,,
and here i am today im telling you :
i love you baby sooooo much 

i never doubt my love to u . and don't want a wife except you <3 <3 <3 
may allah make you closer to me n we marry so soon yaaaaaaaarab..
please any body read this dua for me to marry my girl :)